About me

I’ve always been a campaigner, even at school, whether speaking up for fairness or helping to protect the environment; recognising that much of what happens in our lives is political, with either a large or a small ‘p’.

I first became involved in local politics in 2003, when I was elected to Tewkesbury Borough Council as the representative for Grange ward, in Bishop’s Cleeve; although I had been involved in the community for many years, in particular as a parent governor at my children’s school.

I’m probably a social democrat in my thinking, as I have a strong social conscience and really believe in local people having a say in what happens in their lives and their community.

I’ve long been committed to equalities, both in my profession, as a teacher, and in wider society and am very pleased to have the role on the council as the Lead Member (councillor) for Community Development, which includes Equalities and Licensing.

My friends would say I’m energetic, honest and pretty forthright, and that I would always speak out against injustice and fight for the underdog.

I am currently the Leader of the Lib Dem group on the council although I have to state that any views expressed here are my own and may not agree with either those of my Party or of Tewkesbury Borough Council.


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