Save Kayte Lane Field – New Website – Updates too

We now have a website –  and a site on it for people to sign the on-line petition –Change.org Please try to  do this – I know many have already.

If you cannot – A written copy of the petition is at Badhams Pharmacy in Bishop’s Cleeve – Thanks to Peter for this.

Kayte Lane Field aerial view

Kayte Lane Field aerial view

There is also a section on the website for donating – the website gives all explanations to people for this.

Updates from committee:

– letter has been sent to the Parish Council asking for a donation for a valuation of the field and some other work needed to source funding and set up a ‘Community Company’ – this request will be on the agenda of the Parish Council at their March meeting. You can write to them and /or attend to urge their support.

– posters have been placed in many local businesses asking people to sign the petition

– emails have been sent to all local councillors and MP to ask for support –  and to ask them to sign the  petition

– we are looking into presenting the petition to Glos County Council, who own the field,  to persuade them to leave it as it is, for community use.

– we will be asking for volunteers to monitor the use of the field – so we get some actual numbers using it – if you can help for an hour or so please keep this in mind – if anyone could organise a rota – it would be very much appreciated – please let me know.

Thanks for your continued support


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