Local people voice concerns to police.

At our recent Cleeve area community /police liaison meeting, residents voiced concerns about irresponsible parking at the corner of Stoke Road and Cheltenham Road, near the surgery.

There were worries over the lack of visibility caused by cars parking right on the junction and fears that an accident could happen. The Police have taken this up a one of their SARA actions and will talk to the Highways department too, to try to find a solution.

Anti-social ‘joy-riding’ was also raised as an issue; mainly cars being driving around the Sportsfield car-park but occasionally emerging on to the Cheltenham Road and driving recklessly into the village. The Police will be monitoring this situation and taking appropriate action when needed. This might involve using an SDR box on the road, which measures the speed of vehicles.

The Fire and Rescue community officer, Mark Astle, outlined how some work was being piloted in Cleeve in order to try to keep vulnerable residents safe in their homes. Officers will be calling on residents for a chat about safety and helping them to install up-to-date safety equipment. If you would like help, please get in touch.
We also decided to hold a Safety Event in the summer months, particularly for vulnerable residents and I shall being working with partner organisations plus the police and fire services to bring this about. Look out for details nearer the time!

Residents were also very pleased to hear our local police Inspector, Dave Goga , outline how the policing for our area will be changing over the forthcoming year. He hinted that we are likely to have a greater police presence in the village at many times. Let’s hope so! I have already contacted the Police and Crime Commissioner, Martin Surl, about the drop in police numbers for our area, so we shall be keeping a close eye on this.


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