Residents fight to save much-loved field

Residents from all over the Cleeve area have voiced their concerns over the County Council’s intention to sell the field in Kayte Lane.

My previous Focus leaflet highlighted that the field was under threat and in response to this, residents contacted me to find out what could be done.

It is clear, from their comments, that Kayte Lane Field is a much valued, well used community asset. It is currently one of the only enclosed spaces in the area suitable for dog-walking and other recreational purposes and many are worried about it being sold off for development.

So, what have we done? I helped residents to set up a group called ‘Save Kayte Lane Field Residents Association’, to try to save the field.

The Association now stands at over 80 signed up members and interest is increasing all the time. We have held 2 open meetings and have set up a small committee which meets regularly.

Our first success was getting the field registered as a ‘Community Asset’, by the Borough Council, as described under the Localism Act. We then persuaded the Parish Council to express an interest in acquiring the field, in order to give the Association time to form a ‘Charity’ type organisation. We now have a six month moratorium from the 6th January 2015 in which to form a ‘charitable organisation’, produce a business plan, for running the field, and look for grants to raise funds.

In the meantime, the Association will continue to negotiate further with the County and Parish Councils, as many residents believe it is the role of these councils to keep ‘Community Assets’ in public ownership and to look after them.

If you would like to join and express support, please contact me, Sue Hillier-Richardson on 01242 678521 or email me: .


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