One –to – one swimming lessons and Zumba classes for children with learning difficulties

Pleased to say that the borough is now promoting a wide range of opportunities, aimed at helping organisations to become more ‘inclusive’ and welcoming towards children and adults who have physical and/or learning difficulties. Children and adults will now be able to have specialist swimming lessons at Cascades Leisure Centre in Tewkesbury, since ten members of staff received intensive training in March, to enable them to provide this. The Centre is already offering one to one swimming sessions, and it will hold crash course swimming lessons throughout the summer holidays.
The training cost £3,000 and was part of an ‘Inclusion Fund’, jointly funded by the County and Borough Councils.
More Inclusion training for ‘uniformed group leaders’, such as Guides and Scouts, will take place in June, at 3 venues across the borough.
In addition, ‘Inclusive art and dance taster sessions’ will take place at 5 venues across the borough followed by a 12 week set of Zumba dance classes held at Alderman Knight School.
If you would like to know more, please contact Tewkesbury Borough Council – Community Development department.


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