Possible changes to ‘planning gain’ in the future

Following on from my posts about ‘planning gain’, there could be some changes to 106 provisions, from April 2014, brought in by the Government. Councils will be able to set up a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) for the ‘community’ provisions’ which are at present gained from 106 agreements with developers.

This will mean that for every square metre of development (over a certain size), a levy will be charged and this will contribute to ‘community’ infrastructure provision. This is a good idea, However, the money from the levy will go into a central pot and it is not yet clear what proportion, of this money, the local community would receive. My concern is that the money could go towards larger infrastructure projects in the borough or county, as there will probably a list of projects that the borough and county want. I want to make sure that each community, which has large-scale housing developments in their area, can decide what they want the ‘planning gain’ money spent on, whether it is from a 106 agreement or a CIL.

At the Borough Council meeting on Tuesday, the Council agreed to develop a draft charging schedule for a CIL. I was assured that this is just a first stage in the process, as we shall have to see how the whole matter progresses before a firm decision can be made. Interestingly, the Government has not said that a CIL is compulsory. The Council also set up a working group to oversee the development of the CIL Charging Schedule. I think this will be one to watch closely!


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