Hundreds of new houses for Bishop’s Cleeve – how has our community benefited?

With so many new houses being built at the Homelands 1 site, and possibly another 1000 to come, what will our community actually gain from it all?


As roughly one third of the houses, being built by Bovis and Taylor Woodrow, are ‘affordable housing’, Cllr Hannah Healy and I wanted to make sure that as many families as possible from the Bishop’s Cleeve area would have a chance to rent them. So we are very pleased that our council has managed to get the two Registered Landlords, Sovereign and Jephson, to agree that 50% of the affordable housing should be let to families with a connection to the Bishop’s Cleeve area. We hope this may be a means of reducing some of the burden on low-income working families who are currently struggling to survive in our villages due to high private rents. 

Phase 1 of Homelands 1 is being managed by Jephson Housing Association and most of these affordable properties will be let by the end of the year. Sovereign and Jephson, supported by the borough council, have plans to hold a joint community event in the New Year to welcome new residents into the area.  

Affordable Housing apart, Bishop’s Cleeve Parish Council has secured quite a few of the following  ‘planning obligations’ (sometimes called 106 agreements):

*    £192,000 for Cleeve Sports and Arts Centre
*    £100,000 for the Parish Council Community Barn
*    £220,000 for the Tithe Barn. 
*    £10,000 for Allotments 
*    £50,000 for Off-site Play Areas 
*    £50,000 for  Merging Play Areas 
*    £25,000 for Crime and Disorder prevention
*    £10,000 for Picnic benches/seating plus money for dog bins and dog fouling signs 

Despite our strong objections and a forced Judicial Review of the ‘Appeals Process’, the other developments at Cleevelands and Homelands 2, may still go ahead. If this happens, we must try to get as much ‘planning gain’ as we can for our community. Why not make your views known as to where you would like to see the money go? You can let the Parish Councils in Cleeve or Gotherington have your ideas or you can email me at


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