Badger cull likely to start this weekend – but surely there is a better way?

I cannot accept that this cull is based on any creditable scientific evidence – in fact, having read information from many sources, including well respected organisations, individuals and vets, the evidence points the other way – that it may actually exacerbate the spread of BTB.
In addition, culling badgers, a top predator, would undoubtedly damage the ecosystem and affect the biodiversity in the local area.
Public Safety has to be an issue here too: there is a risk that people could be shot as could livestock or pets – who is to say these will be excellent marksmen? Who is responsible should an accident happen? What is the cost of policing the cull?
Surely, a cull is inhumane too – we cannot be sure that badgers will be killed without suffering – perhaps lying for ages wounded and in pain.
I am convinced that vaccination is the right way to go – many groups are vaccinating badgers at present – a simultaneous vaccination programme for both cattle and badgers would be the best solution to protect animal and human health.

So how did the vote go at Tewkesbury Borough Council, on Oct 1st?

I voted against proceeding with a badger cull – the final vote being 17 to 8 against proceeding – and the record shows that all Lib Dems voted against. If anyone wishes to carry out culling on TBC land they will need to request permission from the Council and I believe this decision indicates they would not get it.


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