Time Banking – Volunteering with added rewards

In my last post I mentioned the need for local volunteers. Now a great new opportunity for volunteering has come to our area; it is called ‘Time Banking’ and is organised by a group called Fair Shares.

Fair Shares is a community based project that uses two-way volunteering to reward people for the time and effort they put into their neighbourhood.  

Basically you can swap your time and skills with other members of the ‘Time Bank’. For every one hour of help you give, you get one Fair Shares credit. You can use the credit for something you might need help with, which is on offer at the ‘Time Bank’.

Anyone can join as everyone has something to offer and we all need some help from time to time. You could do someone’s shopping or help them mend their bike. Someone might then help you sort out your computer problem. You can also donate your credits if you choose. You may even be able to credit the volunteering you are already doing. Fair Shares can ‘broker’ the skills and help on offer and work out ‘matches’.

One hour is one time credit.

You could also use it as an opportunity to meet new people, develop your skills, or simply feel rewarded for your contribution.  Why not get in touch?


tewkesbury@fairshares.org.uk      or     gloucester@fairshares.org.uk  or  facebook.com/fairshares

or  twitter: @fair_shares 


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