Spots and Stripes – a fun day of activities

I shared a really exciting morning of exercise, competition and games with 32 members of the Birches learning disability centre in Tewkesbury, all day users, whose ages ranged from 19 – 65. It was part of a programme called Spots and Stripes, funded by Cadbury and organised by the charity Groundworks, together with Tewkesbury Borough. To top the event, the ‘Blazers’ Wheelchair Basketball Team, from Gloucester, came along and were really superb at encouraging members and helpers alike to join in with the activities. Everyone seemed thrilled with it all, especially the basketball – I certainly was.

Blazers wheelchair basketball team helping out

Fun day at the Birches.

This was not all though! A basketball kit was donated to the centre by Cadbury; and three lucky participants receiving two tickets each for the Paralympics Games.

 You can read more in a short article in the Echo:

 In the afternoon the programme moved on to Bishop’s Cleeve for the final event in the series; another fun-packed session of play and sporting activities for families in the area.

Family fun with Spots and Stripes

Family fun with Spots and Stripes

The whole scheme aimed to offer local people, of all ages, an opportunity to take part in rediscovering the spirit of play and light-hearted competition, through free sport, It really helped to reinforce the positive messages which the Olympics and Paralympics Games have brought to the country.

 The really positive reaction from organisers, participants and local community organisations has been overwhelming and it is a real shame that the programme is finishing, since there will be no more funding for it. However, we shall still be looking for other similar opportunities to try to build on the success of this scheme.


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